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Our core beliefs

We believe that there's no one technology that fits all so we like to carefully choose the best option for your project.

We believe that clear communication, transparency, and work visibility are paramount to a successful partnership.

We know that WE succeed when we help YOU succeed.

We abide by Scrum and Agile Methodologies.

Uruguay Flag

Zimmic is an Uruguayan company established on 2010 focused on all things Salesforce.

We are experts in connecting enterprises with customers and employees in a whole new way.

We are aware that in order to stay relevant, one should never become too comfortable, should not settle for less, and should always be looking for innovative and creative solutions.

Our team consists of curious people who are always looking for better ways to get things done. This is why we create original and efficient solutions. Regardless of how big the challenge may be, there is always something better to be done.

Let’s make great things happen, together!

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Why Uruguay?

Uruguay is a small country nestled between Brazil and Argentina. It has the lowest level of poverty in Latin America and the highest life expectancy. The economy is based on agriculture, livestock, and mining, as well as hydropower production, IT services, and tourism development.

High literacy rate (98%),
Uruguay is one of the top countries in technology services exports in South America.
Democratic tradition.
Outstanding natural beauty,
Strategic gateway for international companies doing business.
Recognized as a great place to live.

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In this digital age, time differences should be non-existent. Should you need anything, you can just pick up the phone and dial. Chances are if you are up, so are we.

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